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Hillary: Boeing Can’t Compete with Airbus without Ex-Im Bank

American manufacturers such as Boeing cannot compete with foreign competitors without governmental subsidies, Hillary Clinton argued in tonight’s CNN debate.

“When I traveled around the world on your behalf as Secretary of State and went to 112 countries, one thing I saw was how European and Asian countries were supporting their companies back in their countries,” Clinton said. “To be able to make sales and contracts in a lot of the rest of the world. In fact, without the Export-Import bank, supporting businesses of all sizes, I believe more jobs would be lost here at home and more jobs literally would be exported instead of exporting products, we would be exporting jobs.”

“There are two big plane manufacturers in the world, Airbus and Boeing,” Clinton continued. ”Airbus does everything it can to get contracts to sell planes everywhere in the world. We don’t have as quite an aggressive outreach from our government.”

Sanders, in contrast, said he hated to break the bad news, “but Democrats are not always right” and called to end “corporate welfare.”


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