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Why Democrats Just Won’t Embrace Hillary

Hillary Clinton proved herself to be one wounded front-runner in last night’s Wisconsin primary.

Not only did she lose to Bernie Sanders by a double-digit margin, but exit polls showed she even narrowly lost female voters to him. A majority of Democrats cited either income inequality (30 percent) or health care (22 percent) as their most important issue. Clinton lost those focused on inequality by 2 to 1 and also lost voters who were most interested in health care, once considered her signature issue.

Hillary’s weakest showing came among the third of Democrats who thought the most important issue was whether a candidate was honest or trustworthy. She was crushed in that category by 83 percent to 17 percent.

No matter how far to the left that Hillary moves in order to blunt the Sanders surge, she clearly is of limited appeal to rank-and-file Democrats. And much of it isn’t really about issues — it’s her character.


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