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Krauthammer’s Take: The Clintons Have Taken Victimhood to a New Height

Reacting to Hillary Clinton blaming her election defeat on James Comey and WikiLeaks, Charles Krauthammer said that she has only herself to blame, regardless of her status as part of the “resistance”:

The Clintons have taken victimhood to a new scientific height. They are sort of the experts — the entry in the dictionary should start with them. The fact is, as you point out, the things that did affect her — and they did affect the end of campaign — the Comey letter and the WikiLeaks all stem from the fact that the original sin was the unbelievable arrogance of her setting up her server, keeping it secret, lying about it.

That U.N. press conference? You go back and you look at it, that was like 20 minutes — I don’t think there was a true statement in the whole 20 minutes. In the end, it ends up with her. And I do think you are right about the “deplorable” line. That was the equivalent of Romney’s 47 percent. That is when you show contempt for the other side, and that is a losing proposition.”

BAIER: She says she is not running again and that she is a civilian and part of the resistance.

KRAUTHAMMER: The resistance . . . 

BAIER: We will see.

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