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Hillary Clinton Claims Six-Figure Speaking Fees from Universities While Students Struggle to Pay Tuition

Hillary Clinton has collected at least $1.8 million in fees for speeches to eight universities during the past nine months, receiving over $200,000 for each, the Washington Post reported. She earned an estimated $5 million total on the speaking circuit from April 2013 to June 2014.

Now the student leaders at the University of Nevada–Las Vegas, where she is scheduled to speak in October, are asking her to return her $225,000 fee to the university. With money tight at their school, they believe it could be used more fruitfully.

Clinton also earned a $250,000 fee in April from the University of Connecticut, where tuition recently rose 6.5 percent, and $300,000 in March from UCLA. She has been paid for speeches at the University at Buffalo, Colgate University, Hamilton College, Simmons College, and the University of Miami. Claremont McKenna College paid Romney a mere $11,475 to speak there.

Two years ago, Mitt Romney drew criticism for calling his occasional speaking fees “not very much.” His personal financial disclosure revealed a total receipt of $374,000 for nine speeches, averaging $41,592 each. Not chump change, but comparatively speaking, not very much.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) has championed the issue of student debt, and some liberals want to see Senator Warren challenge Clinton in the primaries, according to the Post. Clinton herself has worried that “we’re closing the doors to higher education in our own country.”

— Celina Durgin is a Franklin Center intern at National Review Online.



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