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‘Rigged 101’

Well, with Lynch’s announcement yesterday, the FBI and the DOJ have cleared the decks for Hillary in the space of about a week from her interview to Lynch’s formal decision not to indict. I liked this Andrew Malcolm tweet yesterday:

And I wrote about the episode for Politico today:

The conspiracy theory about Donald Trump is that he intends to throw the election to Hillary Clinton. Well, maybe Hillary wants to throw it right back.

Trump and Clinton are engaged in a stirring contest over who is least unworthy of occupying the presidency, and after weeks of appalling self-inflicted errors by Trump, Hillary has countered with a highly characteristic political “victory” — namely, not getting indicted.

In the wake of a Democratic primary season and during the early phases of a general election when “rigged” has been the most emotive description of the economy and political system, Hillary and her enablers have conducted what appears to be a seminar in Rigged 101.


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