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Hillary Clinton Has Made $5 Milllion in Speaking Fees Since Leaving Office

Whether Hillary Clinton will jump back on the campaign trail in 2016 remains in question, but she’s definitely hitting the speaking circuit, and doing quite from it.

Mother Jones’s Andy Kroll reports that Clinton has raked in nearly $5 million for her various appearances and speeches since leaving the State Department in February 2013, even though many of her more than 90 appearances have been unpaid. Her usual speaking fee is approximately $200,000 per appearance.

Kroll raises questions about Clinton’s appearances and what those ties – particularly with various Wall Street and financial institutions — may mean if she chooses to run for president again. Unlike previous lawmakers and political figures to charge, or waive, high speaking fees after leaving office, Clinton is clearly a potential candidate.

“This is a great way for a company to get access to her, to hear what she’s thinking, to be remembered if and when she does run for office, and to help her grow that nice little nest egg that she and her husband have been intent on building,” Campaign Legal Center policy director Meredith McGehee told Mother Jones.


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