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Hillary Clinton for Mayor of New York City? Please!

The New York Times discusses rumors that Hillary Clinton could run for mayor of New York City later this year, and reports, “supporters of Mrs. Clinton and former members of her staff appear to have been happy to let the speculation spread from closed-door gatherings of donors and allies.” Columnist Frank Bruni concludes, “a Clinton mayoralty is genius. It’s revenge, redemption and a chance for New Yorkers to be rescued from [De Blasio’s] shortcomings all in one.”

Put me down as someone who would find a “Hillary for Mayor” campaign delicious. For starters, she would be the most scandal-plagued New York City mayoral candidate since… (stifled laughs) Anthony Weiner. I think she may have heard of him.

Republicans ought to cheer for a Hillary mayoral bid just for the way it will make Democrats uncomfortable. Deep down, a lot of Democrats clearly didn’t like the Clintons all that much, but felt they had to act like they did out of partisan loyalty, career ambition, fear of reprisal, etc. So the return of the Clinton Machine, after the Greatest Failure in Democratic Party history, might bring a lot of boos from Democrats, even in New York City. If she thinks she’s hated now, wait until she parachutes in to try to claim the mayor’s office as a consolation prize, and knock out a serious progressive. Sanders-minded Democrats will detest her with a fiery passion.

If you’re cynical enough to think that the primary product of the Clinton Foundation was selling access to the Clintons and their future goodwill and sympathetic ears, you have to figure the Foundation staff would love this idea. The “Chelsea Clinton should run for Congress” rumors started just days after the election. Right now all the foundation can offer is time with a rapidly-aging former president and the biggest loser in the party’s history, the woman who fumbled away a sure thing to the most unpopular GOP rival ever. At least access to a future mayor might keep some donations going.

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