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Hillary Clinton Admits That Abortion Kills a ‘Person’ (VIDEO)

In what seems to be an accidental turn-of-phrase, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton referred to an unborn child as a “person” this weekend.

Asked on Meet the Press by Chuck Todd whether “an unborn child ha[s] constitutional rights,” Clinton admitted that under current law, “the unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights.”

The pro-choice movement takes extreme care to avoid calling an unborn child a person — preferring the term “fetus” in order to preserve the argument that abortion involves the well-being of only one person, not two.  

In fact, a Planned Parenthood representative spoke out after the interview saying that Clinton did the abortion movement no favors by using the term “person” in reference to the unborn.

Words matter deeply to the security of an increasingly weakening pro-choice movement. The cracks in their armor have become more clear with scientific advances and the ability to lower the age of infant viability, so when a powerful voice for their cause accidentally reveals the truth — they take a hit.

Webster defines “person” simply as “a human being.”

With a full set of distinctive chromosomes, a beating heart, a developing brain, and fingerprints no one else in the world will ever have — “human being” is a perfectly accurate description of the unborn from almost day one.

Hillary Clinton will never admit that these unborn babies deserve any rights, but she will now have to live with the fact she’s admitted that killing a “person” should be perfectly legal.


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