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Hillary Clinton Strategist Calls Gore a Fool?

So I’ve been reading Microtrends, the new book by marketing guru and Hillary Clinton’s chief campaign strategist Mark Penn. Geraghty’s written on a number of the more curious observations in the book. But this passage leapt out at me:

Yet almost every day, I hear experts say that voters and consumers are misguided scatterbrains, making decisions on the basis of the color of a tie. That’s why politicians pay consultants to tell them to wear earth-tone suits, or get their facial lines removed. That’s why many commercials feature pointless stories with no relation to the products. Too often, candidates and marketers don’t believe the facts or the issues matter that much. Oftentimes, it is they who are the fools.

Earth-tone” suits? Did Hillary Clinton’s chief adviser just call Al Gore a fool?

UPDATE: A reader wants to know, “And wouldn’t the ‘facial lines’ reference be to Kerry’s [alleged] botox treatments?” Good catch.


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