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Hillary Heads to Wisconsin . . . One Year Too Late

Exactly one year and one day after losing the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton will take the stage in Milwaukee’s Riverside Theater to discuss her new memoir, What Happened.

Of course, what happened, in part, was that Clinton arrogantly decided not to make the trek to Wisconsin a year ago, when it still might’ve done her some good. Instead, she’ll cruise into town this November 9 for an event to promote her new book about . . . how and why she suffered defeat in 2016.

The audience is promised “a conversation about a story that’s personal, raw, detailed and surprisingly funny,” and one in which the failed Democratic candidate will explain “how to get back up after a loss.”

If she’s actually planning to give the audience a “personal, raw” story, Clinton ought to take a moment to explain why she took for granted that Wisconsin would turn out solidly blue without any effort on her part — an incorrect assumption that resulted in her losing the state to Trump by less than one percentage point.

Perhaps if she had bothered to hold an event or two in Wisconsin — rather than completely ignoring the state and ignoring her husband’s advice to pursue white, middle-class Rust Belt voters — she’d be sitting in the Oval Office rather than parading around the country on a tiresome book tour, rehashing the details of her embarrassing loss to one of the least popular candidates in history.


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