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Hillary Clinton’s Fourth of July Plans: Light Treason

If you thought Hillary Clinton’s “dead broke” comments were a misstep, just wait until you hear how she’s spending her Independence Day: fraternizing with Redcoats.

On Wednesday, Britain’s Guardian newspaper announced it will sit down with Clinton on July 4 in a live-stream interview. No word if she’ll be forgo the traditional hot dogs and beer for tea and crumpets.

In a video on its website, an editor asks readers (in an English accent) for questions to ask in the upcoming interview, offering suggestions ranging from what makes her laugh to her take on the White House’s interior design.

Clinton, a possible candidate for the presidency in a couple years, should recognize that the earliest holders of that office did not have the luxury of a pampered sit-down with King George’s subjects: They were busy showing the Brits the door.


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