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Hillary, Obama, and Drugs

In yet another instance of the very very very sincere apology, Hillary Clinton has apologized to Barack Obama for having one of her minions talk about what hay the GOP would make of his pretty extensive drug use. No personal attacks, she vows.

Actually, Obama is in a funny position. Back when he just wanted to lead social change, and to be a role model to muddled youth, black, white or any other kind, writing about being a stoner and cokehead — and overcoming it — was probably a good choice. Because overcoming the dumb mistakes of youth, especially about sex and drugs and rock and roll — and buckling down to serious work,  is an important part of normal adulthood and maturity.  It is a problem when, like Bill, or one or two others, you can’t or don’t overcome certain frequent impulses.  It is, perhaps, yet another kind of  issue when you are easily identifiable as someone who never, ever, ever gave in to those impulses. Or maybe even had them.

I (a conservative by choice, not upbringing), suspect that if anyone in America could imagine Hillary stoned and mellow, or even a little tipsy and giggly, once or twice in her oh so brilliant youth, we would find her just a little less brittle, and be more comfortable with her as a leader. Margaret Thatcher, one recalls, relaxed with good scotch and even demon tobacco.


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