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That Hillary Picture

Laura Ingraham had the same thought I did. As did, I might add, Rush Limbaugh, who started his remarks on that photo yesterday with this aside: ” it could well be that that’s a sympathy photo, too, to make people feel sorry for how tough the campaign trail is.”

Speaking of Limbaugh, CBS this morning had a “Rush to Sexism” headline. Once again, a controversy rooted in a “driveby” not actually listening to what Limbaugh said. He was commenting on our vanity-obsessed culture. He also said that though this affects men, too, the culture is kinder to men (“But men aging makes them look more authoritative, accomplished, distinguished. Sadly, it’s not that way for women…”). And that is all true.

Limbaugh said, in part:

I want you to understand that I am talking about the evolution of American culture here, and not so much Mrs. Clinton. It could be anybody, and it is really not very complicated. Americans are addicted to physical perfection, thanks to Hollywood and thanks to television. We know it because we see it. We see everybody and their uncle in gyms. We see people starving themselves. We see people taking every miracle fad drug there is to lose weight. We see guys trying to get six-pack abs. We have women starving themselves trying to get into size zero and size one clothes; makeovers, facials, plastic surgery, everybody in the world does Botox, and this affects men, too. As you know, the haughty John Kerry Botoxed his wrinkles out during the campaign.

It’s true and it’s an unfortunate thing. And that’s what Limbaugh said.

TV producers and reporters for The Australian might consider actually listening to Limbaugh, he’s on every day, with over 20 million listeners. Viewers and readers should join them during show prep — you might learn something, and pick up some viewers along the way. Although it will make it hard to continue to come up with bogus controversies.

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