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Hillary Plotting

Here’s some strategic thinking, from a very suscpicious reader:

Hi K-Lo,

Hillary’s making the news rounds, giving it up for Kerry like he was the

Second Coming. It’s hard to think she’s ever genuine (how would one tell?),

but assuming she IS feeling happy now post-debate… I’ve gotta believe it’s

because she realizes that tonight’s disaster plus cratering in Debate 3 will

doom Kerry, re-elect Bush, and clear the decks for her run in 2008… If

she really thought Kerry won, she’d be much more strained in her praise of


Want to see who won? Read Hillary’s spin. She’s happy ’cause she thinks

Bush smashed Kerry like a bug.

For my money, Chief Two Stones opened a whole case of whup-a** tonight.

Notice how quickly time flew by? It always does when it’s enjoyable!



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