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Hillary For Prez

I have been telling anyone who’ll listen that Hillary will be the Edward M.

Kennedy of 2008, if she runs. That is, she will crash and burn early, and

people will be left wondering why on earth anyone ever thought she was


This is based on considerable TV exposure to her (she’s one of my senators).

She is over-groomed, over-prepped, just too focus-grouped faultlessly

perfect. I hear people — friends & neighbors, including liberals — say

this all the time. “Robotic… phony warmth… too rehearsed…” There is

no humanity there, none of the little foibles that make us like a person.

And then, of course, there are the Arkansas days: the shady land deals, the

felonious friends, the billing recrods, the cattle futures…

If Hill runs, she will crash and burn early. You heard it here first.

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