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Hillary On Us, I Guess

From the Soros event today Byron wrote about (see homepage):

Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.), who introduced Soros to a rousing ovation, hailed the billionaire as the left’s answer to wealthy Republican contributors.

“George Soros is using his considerable success in our free market, in our democracy, to make sure that his opinions are heard in the marketplace of ideas. That is within the American tradition,” Clinton said. “You will hear a steady drumbeat about ‘what right does this very successful man have to use his resources to try to create political movement and action.’ Well, I’ll tell you, he has the same right as all the people on the right have had.”

Clinton then referred to her famous line about the “vast right-wing conspiracy,” which has been mentioned frequently throughout the first two days of the conference.

“That didn’t happen by accident,” Clinton said of the conservative movement. “It happened because people with a very particular point of view … came together, literally starting 50 years ago. They created think tanks, they created endowed professorships, they set up other media outlets, on and on and on.”

She added: “They very slowly but surely started to change American politics. And you’ve got to give them credit; they’ve done a good job. They got themselves a president and a vice president and lots of other people who march to their drumbeat.”


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