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Hillary, the Wicked Witch of Socialism?

Romney runs with a seasonal theme:

During a question and answer period with the audience, a man asked Romney if he would support a Halloween event that the audience member was planning.  Romney’s responded joking about a “Hillary’s House of Horrors.”

“You know, that’s a great idea.  What do you think about Hillary’s House of Horrors?  Alright?  And we’d have … the ‘raise your tax’ room.  We’d have the ‘weaker military’ room.  We’d have the ‘family values in shambles’ room ….  And frankly what the Democrats are selling is really quite frightening these days as we approach Halloween.”

Romney spun the question to Iran, and said that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had called for the destruction of the United States.

“Do the Democrats not understand that Iran becoming a nuclear nation, a nation, Iran, and Ahmadinejad, who call for the destruction of us and of Israel, who talk about genocide, and are moving headlong to develop the technology to carry out Genocide, that it’s not appropriate to sanction these people?”


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