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Hillary’s America Got My Red, White, and Blue Flapping

Editor’s Note: The following post is sponsored by our partner, Hillary’s America.

I was in Cleveland yesterday for the red-carpet premier of Dinesh D’Souza’s new film, Hillary’s America,

which was also co-written and co-directed by NR pal Bruce Schooley (and produced by Gerald Molen, who won an Oscar for Schindler’s List). So, I am rooting for it. Truth be told, I watched an advance of it last week on my iPad, but seeing it last night at the historic Connor Palace theater, on a big honking screen . . . wow. The final few minutes were so striking and moving that it would have had even Jeremiah Wright standing up and belting out “God Bless America.”

There is a lot packed into this film / documentary, which is part unvarnished history of the Democratic party’s long and loving and demented embrace of racism (more on that tomorrow),

and a deep dive into the corruption of Team Clinton. Sitting there, watching as the movie went through the litany — exposing the sheer breadth of their arrognace and the hardened brass of their body parts — well, I felt exhausted. These people are insatiable.

Particularly maddening was the part that investigated the Clinton Foundation. Elsewhere today on NRO, Dinesh has a truly troubling excerpt from his book version of the film on that institution’s brazen financial scheming, focusing on its use of the catastrophic 2010 earthquake in Haiti to mount a bogus relief effort that raised and manipulated money (including U.S. taxpayer funds overseen by a certain Secretary of State) that ended up in the pockets of Bill and Hillary’s political buddies. And family members: Even infamous brother Hugh Rodham, a former prison guard, managed to land on the board of a gold-mining company that ended up with a juicy contract from the Haitian government. It seems like the Clinton-touched contributions went anywhere but to the people of the island.

More personal disclosure: Yes, Hillary’s America advertises on NRO. God bless it! And my son did some post-production work on it (God bless him especially!). That said, Hillary’s America has these characters dead to rights. You should see it when it’s released nationwide this coming weekend.

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