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Hillary’s E-mails

This whole story is very strange. The Times reporter who broke the story seems a bit too eager to downplay his own story.  But the biggest thing I don’t understand: Why did it take so long to notice? There have been a lot of investigations of the Benghazi scandal. Some have been damning, other exonerating. Regardless of what they concluded, how is it possible that none of the investigators noticed that Hillary Clinton doesn’t have an official e-mail account? Think of the tens of thousands of documents that come in. Some are redacted, some aren’t. But e-mails from the Secretary of State are central to nearly all the questions swirling around the Benghazi story. So you’d think the non-existence of an official e-mail account would have been noticed. If it’s the law that everyone in government have one, wouldn’t you assume Hillary has one? And if you assume that she does have one, but you never see any evidence for it, wouldn’t that arouse some suspicion? My point isn’t that it would arouse suspicion that she’s evading the law requiring an official e-mail account. My point is that a good investigator would assume she had a government account and would find the failure to provide any official e-mails to be a good lead. Pursuing that lead, in turn, would reveal that she had no “official” e-mails to disclose.

Update: Here’s a point I should have made in the original post above. This story was uncovered by Trey Gowdy’s investigation into Benghazi.  From The Times:

The existence of Mrs. Clinton’s personal email account was discovered by a House committee investigating the attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi as it sought correspondence between Mrs. Clinton and her aides about the attack.

That speaks well of Gowdy’s effort and very, very, poorly of all previous efforts.


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