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Hillary’s New Ad, Starring Kevin McCarthy

Hillary Clinton’s new ad uses Kevin McCarthy’s recent boneheaded comments about the House Special Committee on Benghazi, contending Republicans “finally admit it”:

Notice it begins with a particularly convenient rephrasing of McCarthy’s remarks from NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell, declaring that he said the committee “was created to destroy her candidacy.”

Since the revelation of her private, insufficiently insecure e-mail server, Hillary Clinton has tried to get out of trouble with a variety of excuses. She merely wanted convenience. All of those deleted e-mails were personal. None of the e-mails on her personal server had classified information. (Hundreds did.) She never hid anything from FOIA requests or Congressional subpeonas.

Now she’s back with the tactic she enjoys the most — blaming her opponents as being too partisan and malicious to even respond to, undeserving of answers. (Another indicator of post-deliberative democracy America.)

The question is, will she go back to calling it “a vast right-wing conspiracy”?


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