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The Hindu-Zionist Alliance Springs to Life

Whenever they can’t think of anything more urgent with which to frighten the population, the Pakistani media summons up the scariest monster of all: the Hindu-Zionist Alliance. The conspiracy theory driven world view common among illiterate Pakistanis (70 percent of the population?) thrives on this stuff, and once you accept that everyone is against you, that particular alliance of enemies makes perfect sense: Hindus on their border; Zionists in control everywhere. And both focused on innocent Pakistan. Forget that for most of the existence of both (post-colonial) India and Israel, Cold War alliances made their own co-operation unlikely.

But now, here we are. Leading weapons manufacturers from each country have just announced a new partnership. Israel Aerospace Industries and Tata Advanced Systems will be co-operating on building unmanned aerial vehicles for the Indian Army. In fact, the Indian businessman who presided over this deal suggests that this partnership could make his country into a regional defense hub.

Of course, considering the dangers on its own borders, among the highly armed Waziris who are perfectly capable of shooting down Pakistani government planes, and the nice al Qaeda folk hiding in those mountain caves, no one needs unmanned aerial vehicles more than the Pakistani military. Bonding over arms sales has a long history as a way of bringing former adversaries together. Maybe the Pakistanis should give IAI a call themselves.

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