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Hindus For One God

You could write a book about what I don’t know about this subject, but I think this is kind of interesting:

Jonah you are absolutely correct that most Hindus and Buddhists will have no objections to the 10 commandments anywhere. However you are dead wrong about the monotheism part. A more in depth reading of Hindu philosophy than what is bandied about by the proseltisers will allow you to see that Monotheism is the hallmark of Hinduism. Local traditions of giving different names and functions to different manifestations of one God and allowing people to worship any manifestattion that they most feel comfortable with and identify is what contributes to the poly/pan theistic picture of Hinduism.To really understand the nature of Hinduism I wish you would read a very easily readable translation of the Upanishads by Juan Mascaro or Eknath Easwaran. Maybe Ramesh could lend you a copy.


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