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Hippie Hotel

I’m in Washington for this Legacy panel at 1 p.m. at AEI today. AEI has put me up at something called the Topaz Hotel here. A nice place, but the New Age vibe is overwhelming. I came in last night and there were rocks spread across my bed with a little card explaining, “Through time people have carried special stones called totems to bring them energy and empowerment.” There was a horoscope wrapped in a pretty ribbon by the bedside. I recoiled in horror thinking “these sheets haven’t been changed!” when I saw the notice explaining, “Topaz Hotel helps keep our planet tranquil by not changing bed linen daily.” Then, I realized that must mean DURING your stay. There’s no Fox News Channel, but the TV does have the Yoga Network and you can have complimentary Yoga Baskets–yoga mat, block, and strap, whatever they are–delivered to your room. Today I might deliver my most tranquil account of the Clinton presidency ever…


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