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His Hairy Hebraic Hinder

I’d like to publish a letter relating to the Arizona-and-immigration matter. I publish it not to make a point about the new law — there are many other opportunities for that — but because . . . well, you’ll see: It’s a really good letter:

Dear Jay,

Both of my kids are adopted from Guatemala. Rebekah (who will turn seven tomorrow — where the hell did the time go?) is a full-blooded Mayan Indian, and my son Isaac is a mestizo. I’m a Jewish kid from Chicago whose ancestors were Jews from Lithuania and the Ukraine. Anyone who wants to call me a racist can kiss my Hairy Hebraic Hinder.

It took me two years and $40K to adopt my two kids (both were adopted when they were about one; Rebekah is seven months older than Ike). I am pleased with Arizona’s new law. We have borders that need to be enforced, and I dislike line-jumpers. I think we should make it fairly easy for non-criminal Mexicans who are in their 20s to come over, as we need more young workers, but we need a border.

I may be particularly charmed by a Mayan and a mestizo named Rebekah and Isaac — Ike! An interesting, worthy country, America.


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