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“On His Knees”

From a reader:


My local NPR affiliate, KUT features a weeknight drive-time line-up of “All

Things Considered,” “Marketplace,” and “The World.” I heard something last

Friday (3/5, but which program I’m not sure) that just stopped me dead in my

tracks. I’ve tried mightily to find it archived on the web, but to no

avail. If you heard it too, maybe your legions of crack NRO researchers

will have better luck digging up this gem.

The program featured interviews from some sort of rally for Kerry. On being

asked why she supported Kerry, a female respondent noted that she was

“scared” of the Bush administration and supported Kerry because he won’t be

“afraid” to “get on his knees” and go back to the U.N. and “say that we’re

sorry, we’ve made some mistakes.”

I kid you not. The words “on his knees” actually came out of her mouth, and

this was the reason she supported Kerry. Of course, this is not necessarily

Kerry’s policy. But nonetheless, you’ve got to wonder about Kerry and his

supporters: Kerry for giving them the impresison that this is what he’d do,

and his supporterrs for thinking this is a reason to vote FOR the guy.

All I could think was, “Yep. You’ve got the right candidate, darlin’.”


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