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Hispanic GOPers Endorse Anuzis

A group of Hispanic Republicans has endorsed Saul Anuzis for chair of the Republican National Committee. Here’s the e-mail sent to the committee this morning:

National Hispanic Leaders Endorse Saul Anuzis for RNC Chair


A national group of Hispanic-American Leaders support Saul Anuzis for RNC Chair 


Dec 27, 2010 (Washington DC), Hispanic Leaders for Saul, a group of leaders who are proud Americans, proud Republicans, and proud of their Hispanic heritage, realize that the Republican Party needs a Chairman who can not only provide visionary leadership and strong day-to-day management, but who will also strengthen relationships with the Hispanic community. 


Bush won well over 40% of the Hispanic vote and McCain won slightly over 30% of the Hispanic vote. Key races in California and Nevada were won by Democrats as a result of the Hispanic vote.     Additionally, the Hispanics-American vote is growing in influence with 9% of the eligible electorate and 9.9 million Hispanics having voted in the 2009 elections. With the continued rapid growth of the U.S. Hispanic population, Hispanics will play an even greater role in local, statewide and national elections for the foreseeable future, especially in battleground states and key congressional districts.  


This group of national leaders strongly believes Republicans will need to win over 40% of the Hispanic vote if Republicans are going to win nationally in 2012. It is important that the next RNC Chairman hits the ground running to build momentum and support within the Hispanic community.  We are honored that this is a strength that Saul has compared with the candidates for Chairman.


Specifically, we are excited about the demonstrated leadership Saul brings that makes him ideal to help us earn over 40% of the Hispanic vote.  Below are a few examples:


• Being Present in The Hispanic Community – Saul has spoken at many community events that featured a strong representation of people with diverse backgrounds, including a recently gathering of Hispanic- American leaders at the Heritage Foundation. We need a Chairman like Saul who has been able to articulate to the community, common values of faith, family, freedom, free-enterprise and education.  This has enabled Saul to build a strong national network of Hispanic Leaders.


• Investing Resources in the Community- As Chairman of the GOP Saul invested resources in community events, parades, festivals, and would go to places in our Hispanic community that many Republicans would never go.


• Technology/Social Media Leadership – This Hispanic community is the fasting growing segment on-line and Saul’s mastery, thought leadership, and continuous utilization of technology will be imperative as we win in 2012.  Saul has had more social media interactions than other candidates running against him have had this past year (combined).   Our party needs a technology savvy leader and thought leader in social media if we are going to win in 2012 as a large percentage of our Hispanic community are coming online.


• Rich Perspective – Saul is the bilingual the son of immigrants and has a rich perspective that can be brought as we continue to connect and share the values of our Party with the Hispanic community.


• Leadership – Whether it is leading the GOP at the local, state, or national level; fundraising, technology leadership, or social media leadership, Saul’s leadership across these areas and his hard work resonates, excites and inspires this group of leaders and we believe his leadership integrating all of these areas will enable a stronger GOP.


For these reasons and more we are reaching out and asking Republican National Committee Members across this great nation to support Saul to help strengthen our party, advance the values we share, and help us better connect with a vital group of Americans who shares many values with our Republican Party.


A few examples of top national Hispanic leaders who are supporting Saul Anuzis include the following Leaders.


• Jose Aliaga

• Rick Aguilar

• State Senator Valde Garcia

• Enrique Geraldo

• Ken Gonzalez

• David Olivencia

• Ramiro Ramirez

• Pablo Schneider

• Francisco “Pancho” Vega

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