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Hitchens on Cameron

Peter Hitchens (this Peter Hitchens) begs British conservatives to not vote for the Conservative party.

If Cameron wins, says Peter:

He will claim (falsely) that “Right-wing” policies lost the last three Elections.

Those Tory MPs who agree with you and me will be cowed and silenced for good. The power will lie with the A-list smart set, modish, rich metropolitan liberals hungry for office at all costs who would have been (and who in the case of one of the older ones actually was) in New Labour 13 years ago.

I second the motion. Alas, “modish, rich metropolitan liberals” are the only people who seem to get anywhere much in Anglosphere politics nowadays. Why this should be so, is a very interesting question.

I liked the old callused-hands, hobnail-boots, iron-watch-chain socialists of my parents’ era (now utterly extinct). I liked the plain-spoken lower-middle-class patriots of thirty years ago (a few of them still around). These smooth-faced, soft-handed, never-had-a-job millionaire professional pols of today, with their canting orthodoxies and their contempt for the un-political, fill me with loathing, hatred, and disgust. I wouldn’t vote for any of these creeps. In fact, to slightly modify a low-class English insult, I wouldn’t spit on any one of them if he was on fire.

We are doomed, doomed.


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