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Hitting Mitt and Rudy

 TO:  Interested Parties 

FROM: Karen Hanretty 

   Deputy Communications Director  [Friends of Fred]

RE:  Romney, Giuliani Voice Support for McCain-Feingold


Then And Now – A Study In Conflicting Statements 



1994: Romney Wanted To Abolish Political Action Committees (PACs) And Implement Campaign Spending Limits. “Romney also said he advocates spending limits on congressional elections, even suggesting that the current race against Sen. Edward M. Kennedy should have a $ 6 million spending cap…As for campaign finance reform, Romney called for abolishing political action committees and tightening regulations of the process by which limits on campaign contributions to individuals can be legally bypassed.” (Frank Phillips, “Romney, Vowing To Live It, Touts Congress Reform Plan,” Boston Globe, 7/7/94)

 2002: Romney Proposed Taxing Political Contributions To Finance Public Campaigns. “…he suggested an alternative funding method. Instead of providing campaign funds from state coffers, his plan would tap 10 percent of the fundraising of candidates who choose to raise money privately.” (Richard Nangle, “Clean Election advocates keep pushing; Common Cause to ask Romney’s assistance,” Telegram & Gazette (Massachusetts), 11/14/02)


2007: Romney Opposes McCain-Feingold, Calling It “One Of The Worse Things In My Lifetime.” (Alexander Bolton, “Romney’s About-Face On Campaign Funding,” The Hill, 2/8/07)



2000: Giuliani Said He Was A “Very, Very Strong Supporter Of McCain-Feingold For A Long, Long Time Now.” “…Giuliani is an ardent supporter of campaign finance reform as well.  As he was contemplating a run for the Senate in 2000, Giuliani told Wolf Blitzer that he was a ‘very, very strong supporter of Campaign Finance Reform,’ adding that he’d been ‘a very strong supporter of McCain-Feingold for a long, long time now.’” (Tom Bevan, “Deconstructing Giuliani,” RealClearPolitics, 8/10/2006).


2007: Giuliani Supported The Supreme Court’s Decision In The Wisconsin Right To Life Case Which Struck Down Part Of McCain-Feingold. (“More on WRTL: Reaction Roundup,”,, accessed 7/19/07).

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