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Via the Sunday Telegraph , more on a story that is not going away:

Police have offered Cabinet ministers the chance to rule themselves out of suspicion in the “cash for honours” investigation, piling yet more pressure on Tony Blair. Letters sent to senior Labour figures by John Yates, the detective in charge of Scotland Yard’s inquiry, have listed the 10 individuals originally nominated for peerages by Mr Blair last year. These include the four businessmen who loaned Labour £5 million before the 2005 general election – Dr Chai Patel, Sir David Garrard, Barry Townsley and Sir Gulam Noon – whose nominations were blocked by the House of Lords Appointments Commission….Meanwhile, the Prime Minister is expected to admit to Scotland Yard that he is more likely to put forward Labour supporters for a peerage if they donate large sums of money to the party, according to senior sources. Mr Blair will, however, insist that he has not broken the law and that he did not do a deal in which he promised peerages in direct return for the loans. He is expected to be interviewed under caution, as a potential suspect, before Christmas, but it is not thought that he will be arrested.

It’s time for George W Bush to start getting to know Gordon Brown, Blair’s likely (and utterly worthless) successor, much, much better.