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An e-mail:

I must protest. It is not enough that certain, select NROniks get to go

off to a Caribbean Cruise. They now also debase themselves by taunting

Kathryn in the Corner! The horror! The absolute depravity!

Therefore, I put out a call to all Corner readers. Flood the mailboxes

of Rich Lowry! Demand equal time! We want to send Kathryn on a

two-week vacation to the destination of her choice, accompanied by Mel

Gibson, Jim Caviezel, and Don Rumsfield. Perhaps she could have a nice

cabana on a beach in Aruba. Mel, Jim, and Don will hopefully volunteer

to serve as her entourage providing entertainment and security.

Act now!! This is WAY more important than the Specter flap. YOU can

make a difference!

ME: Don’t flood Lowry (though man, the lineup is starting to tempt me). Just sign up for the NR 50th Anniversary British Isles cruise! Do you really have something better going on this summer? It’s got its own pretty tempting lineup.


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