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Hoffman and NY 23

I haven’t said anything on the subject yet because I hadn’t really engaged in the whole thing. But it seems to me that for conservatives this is something of a no-brainer. I’ve said a million times that I’m a Republican by default because the GOP is the more conservative of the two major parties. If a sensible conservative can beat a liberal Republican, then I see no reason to support the Republican out of some team mentality.

William F. Buckley’s policy was always that he was for the most conservative candidate electable. This has always struck me as the most pithy and most sensible statement on these kinds of questions. Protest votes on ideal candidates are ultimately ill-advised and self-indulgent. Though it can be hard to accept the truth of it (take it from a Andre Marrou in ‘92 man). I agree entirely that the GOP needs more moderates. It needs more everybody. But in NY 23, Hoffman can win. That means he’s not a protest vote, he’s a vote for the most conservative candidate electable.

Vote for Doug Hoffman.

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