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Holder: Race Relations ‘in a Better Place’ After My Tenure

Attorney General Eric Holder defended the White House’s record on race during an interview on Thursday, claiming America is “in a better place” on race relations after six years of his and President Obama’s leadership.

As his tenure comes to a close, Holder spoke with MSNBC’s Joy Reid about what his legacy may look like. The attorney general explained that he’s “been really out there in talking about things racial, and gotten a lot of criticism for it. You know, that’s fine.”

“I think raising these issues, and I think coming up with substantive programs, as we have in the Department of Justice — I think we’re in a better place than we were before,” Holder continued. ”Maybe not as far as people expected with the first African-American president, or the selection of a first African-American attorney general.”

A strong plurality of Americans disagree with the attorney general’s contention, with a November NBC News poll showing 40 percent believe race relations have soured under President Obama while just 20 percent felt they had improved. 

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