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Hollywood Smokers

Was just reading in today’s New York Post (America’s Newspaper of Record) an

interview with Kate Hudson, about how she slimmed down again after her

recent confinement. (The online version seems to have a different text

& doesn’t mention the following.) Well, one thing she says is that she quit

smoking while pregnant, but has now taken it up again.

Just the other day I was reading an interview with Brad Pitt (hey, it beats

reading about politicszzzzz) about the work he had to do to buff up for his

new Trojan-war movie. He grumbled about ahving had to quit smoking. I

recall his wife, Jennifer Aniston, is also a cigarette smoker.

Do all these young Hollywood studs and hotties smoke cigarettes? Aren’t

they supposed to be PC? What’s going on here? Anyone got a theory?

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