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Hollywood Vs. Bush

Jim Rutenberg’s piece in today’s New York Times has some fascinating quotes from Hollywood about President Bush. First, Whoopi Goldberg: “You want to say to people, ‘Wait a minute, is this man leading this country as an American or is he leading the country as a Christian?’” Is religious faith in office disqualifying, even un-American?

Robert Breech, an executive producer of “The Practice” on ABC, said his show was trying to spark debate and entertain while presenting both sides (sure, with the conservative side offering all the straw-man arguments). In one episode, a lawyer gave an impassioned speech to a jury in which she referred to the use of a “free speech zone” that kept protesters away from Mr. Bush. “What is happening to this country?” the lawyer asked. Breech explained: “We’re really just inviting people to think about these things…How far is too far in seeking security?” Hasn’t he heard about free speech being cordoned off outside abortion clinics?

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