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My official Evangelical Guy weighs in:

There is very much a strong belief in the Evangelical movement that the pastor must take care of the “pulpit”, both in what he preaches from it and who he invites to preach from it. Warren inviting Obama is like inviting a wolf among the sheep.

After Warren began aligning himself with the global warming crowd (and Jim Wallis and the Sojurners), some of us began to scratch our heads. Now we’re thinking he is off his rocker. It’s not his pulpit-he did not build the church. That is where JPod is absolutely wrong. In the Evangelical worldview, all that Warren has has been given to him by God, including his church and his pulpit, and he is to be a good steward of it. There are other settings in which he can have Obama address members of his church. From the pulpit is not one of them.


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