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Home Alone

And now for the really big news of the day. The Arts section of today’s New York Times has a great story about Home Alone America, a new book you’re going to be hearing a lot about. Home Alone America is by Mary Eberstadt, and as the Times says, it “fires a new salvo in the Mommy Wars.” Check out the cover photo (pictured in the article), which clearly freaked out the reporter. I’ll have much more to say about Home Alone America after the election–as will plenty of other folks. For now, suffice it to say that Home Alone America is a superb and important book. The Times story is as positive as a story for this sort of book could ever be in The New York Times. That’s a real accomplishment for Eberstadt, but the truth is, the Times story doesn’t begin to do the book justice. I strongly suggest that you buy it.