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Home Depot–Where Is The Outrage

Well, some of it is right here:

“Mr. Derb—I tried entering a ‘closed’ aisle at Home Depot. It was empty

and no employees were around. The second I breached the barrier, no less

than four employees appeared out of nowhere. (Where were they when I was

looking for something for over 20 minutes before that ?) Anyway, the

’in-charge’ type explained rudely and dramatically that the store was

’trying to save my life.’ I explained in the same manner that I was just

’trying to give the store my money.’ I was then promptly escorted out.

“I will never give Home Depot so much as a dime. I won’t ever use the

vending machines in front of the store. I now drive miles out of my way to

another large hardware chain … I just skip the home improvement or repair

altogether… When Home Depot goes out of business, and it will (trust me

it will, I don’t know when,or how, but it will), I will have the party at

my dilapidated house. You’re invited, bring beer.”


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