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Home Improvement

I am always touched — really: I am not being facetious — by the interest

taken in my little home improvement projects by perfect strangers. Not just

strangers, either: I met Mark Krikorian at an immigration debate the other

day, and almost the first thing he said to me was: “How’s the re-wiring of

your attic going?”

The answer is: slowly. I’ve barely started, in fact. Full details here.

Incidentally, I blegged a few days ago for advice on setting up a home

network. Now you see the context. I got hundreds of helpful e-mails in

response to my bleg, & I have been sorting through & absorbing their advice.

What I actually do will be revealed as the attic work progresses. The short

answer is: cable, with a single wireless didgeridoo attached to my server

so I can use my laptop around the house. All the desktops will be cabled,


I apologize to the minority of bleg respondents to whom wireless is

obviously a religion. (One e-mail just said WIRELESS! WIRELESS! WIRELESS!

WIRELESS! in the subject line, with no attached text at all.) I already

have a religion that pretty much satisfies my meager spiritual needs; I’m

not in the market for another one.


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