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Home, At Last

What an absolutely great time. The Liberty Fund is simply an amazing organization, dedicated to truth and study, good conversation and civil society and, of course, freedom.

Our group studied Frank Meyer’s fusionism, based upon his writing and the responses to it. I learned a great deal about NR (I’d say that next to our John Miller, our friend Jonathan Adler knows more about NR intellectual lore than anybody under forty). I made some nice new friends, had some wonderful arguments and meals. Etc Etc.

I will be synthezing a lot of what we talked about for a very long time. You can see a bit of a preview in my (too short) piece on Brink Lindsey and his attempt to create a new libertarian-liberal fusionism — which pretty much none of the libertarians nor the conservatives in attendance were too persuaded by. I think they all miss the point that libertarian-liberal fusionism doesn’t have to make total sense in theory (I don’t think Meyer’s did either). But if it is captivating politically and psychologically, it can have great success despite theoretical failings.

Anyway, I now must attend to accumulated family and work chores.


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