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Stephen Spruiell recommends trimming the budget to stimulate the economy.

Marc Thiessen and David Rivkin celebrate the judicial vindication of CIA interrogations.

Victor Davis Hanson explains why the president’s poll numbers have declined.

Kevin Williamson fills in the larger context of the New Black Panther case: Philly’s sewer politics.

Michelle Malkin details the hypocrisy behind the Democrats’ DISCLOSE Act.

Tony Blankley chronicles the Shirley Sherrod farce, which turned the charge of racism into a laughingstock.

Frederick Hess is glad were having a healthy debate on “Common Core” educational standards.

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Referenda Delenda Est

"In my country the people can do as they like, although it often happens that they don't like what they have done."      -- Winston Churchill, 1946 London During the Second World War, as U.S. power was eclipsing Britain's, Harold Macmillan, a future prime minister, reportedly said, "These Americans ... Read More