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Jonah Goldberg argues that Obama’s policy choices have made 2010 a worse climate for Democrats than 1994 was.

Charles Krauthammer illustrates how the Left’s demonization of opponents allows them to avoid real debates.

Michelle Malkin notes the similarity between the race-baiting during Hurricane Katrina is to the current charges flung against Ground Zero mosque opponents.

Thomas Sowell contends that government handouts don’t provide a safety net, but a bad behavior bailout.

Rich Lowry observes that independents are abandoning the Democratic party in droves.

John Derbyshire deplores the government’s excessive and wasteful spending on education.

John O’Sullivan examines how an unapologetic conservative may be Australia’s next prime minister.

Mona Charen argues that the failed HAMP program is just another example of Obama’s naïve mindset.

Jay Nordlinger reflects further on the people he encountered in Salzburg.

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