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Jack Fowler begs you not to be a grouch.

Patrick Ruffini summarizes the past effects and future potential of the Tea Party.

Keith B. Payne and Tom Scheber critique the contorted logic of New START.

David Kahane recounts his introduction to the concept of Merkwürdigeliebe.

Lou Dolinar reports that, post Deep Water Horizon oil spill, sea life is actually flourishing in the gulf.

Andrew Stiles praises the Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction plan for taking us beyond vague and guarded campaign-trail rhetoric.

Michael Barone highlights the most illuminating passages in Decision Points.

Deroy Murdock argues that the death tax is both immoral and inefficient.  

Kathryn Jean Lopez rejects the liberal conception of marriage reflected in Lifetime’s Reba.

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John Oliver’s Micro-Trolling

John Oliver is sometimes classified as a political satirist, but what he really seems to fancy is nonsensical trolling. Remember his big idea for taking down Donald Trump two years ago? It was a lengthy segment making fun of an ancestral name, Drumpf, that might have been changed to Trump as far back as the 17th ... Read More
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The Anti-Trump Effort Backfires

No one following the Russian-collusion and related dramas should be in any doubt about the steady flow of the balance of damaging evidence away from Trump and on to his accusers. It is clear that the hierarchy of the FBI and analogues in the Justice Department and intelligence services, horrified at the thought ... Read More