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The Editors begin a constructive conversation about treating the mentally ill.

Conrad Black argues that the Tucson shooting exposes problems more serious than our “rhetoric.”

Michael Knox Beran examines what our fascination with the psycho tells us about ourselves.

Charles Krauthammer wrote a classic piece on parallel events in 1995.

NRO hosts a symposium on the Tucson shootings.

Neal B. Freeman sees a fitting culmination to Charlie Crist’s career in his new perch in personal-injury law.

John Lott speaks to Kathryn Jean Lopez about the unintended consequences of gun-control legislation.

Victor Davis Hanson expects that circumstances will force us to get serious on the budget, energy, and defense, in 2011.

Michael Barone differentiates America’s psychotic killers from other countries’ assassins. 

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This week, shortly after being tapped to host the Oscars, Hollywood star Kevin Hart found himself on the wrong side of the woke social-justice warriors. His great sin: Years ago, he tweeted jokes referencing homosexuality. More egregiously, in 2010, he did a comedy bit in which he discussed not wanting his son, ... Read More
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America Is Intolerably Intolerant

When you think of the sheer vindictiveness of what happened to Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray, it takes your breath away. On the very night of his greatest career triumph, a reporter dug up his old tweets (composed when he was a young teenager), reported on the most offensive insults, and immediately and ... Read More
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Aquaman Stinks Like Last Month’s Fish

A  major plot point in Aquaman is the tidal wave of garbage with which the undersea folk attack us surface dwellers. These two groups are spoiling for a fight, but I always thought Warner Bros. and I got along pretty well. What did I do to deserve the tidal wave of garbage that is Aquaman itself? I refuse to ... Read More