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Victor Davis Hanson names politicians’ tendency to resort to cosmic sermonizing while ignoring mundane challenges the “Bloomberg syndrome.”

Conrad Black remembers 50 years ago today, when power transferred from Dwight Eisenhower to JFK.

Peter Thiel speaks to NRO about net neutrality, technological progress, rethinking higher education, and more.

Michael Franc approves of recent House Appropriations Committee procedural rules intended to help rein in spending.

Cliff May expects zero improvements to public discourse: we’re too ensconced in ideological bubbles.

Brian Bolduc discovers a rare creature: a New York Democrat worried about rising abortion rates.

Carl Shockley explores the promise of small, modular nuclear reactors, and the threat posed to them by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Jay Nordlinger recommends the Peace Corps for a Nobel Peace Prize — a fitting 50th birthday present.

Michael Barone nominates “high-speed” rail for congressional budget-cutters.

Julie Gunlock exposes the “food-insecurity” epidemic as a mix of misunderstandings and exaggerations that conceal real food problems.


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