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The Editors note a vogue, and deceptive, rhetorical strategy: calling all forms of government spending “investment.”

Dennis Prager wonders why network cameras in the capitol never pan out to show the words “In God We Trust.”

Andy McCarthy concludes that the State of Our Union is … denial about Islamism.

Robert Costa describes two new balanced-budget amendments proposed by Sens. Orrin Hatch and Rand Paul.

Matthew Shaffer relays advice from former presidential speechwriters to Barack Obama.

Jay Nordlinger narrates Alexander Lukashenko’s theft of the elections in Belarus.

Peter Hoekstra lists the threats America will face in 2011.  

Phil Kerpen punctures liberal windbaggery on the debt ceiling.

Thomas Sowell celebrates innovators who improved our lives — and doesn’t mind that they got rich.

Mona Charen describes environmentalists’ latest stealth attack: this one on our dishes.


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