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Brian Bolduc discusses the “splendid misery” of the presidency with three esteemed historians.

Phillip Hamburger finds health-care waivers for McDonald’s unconstitutional, and unjustifiable.

The Editors tell rapacious public-sector unionists and Democratic legislators to get back to work.

Kathryn Jean Lopez profiles Lila Rose.

Adam Paul Laxalt contrasts the hopefulness of the gold rush with today’s risk-averse America.

Kevin Williamson explains the harm that Fannie and Freddie continue to wreak.

Michelle Malkin says the time is now or never to avert our public-sector apocalypse.

Charles Krauthammer analyzes Obama’s budget, and diagnoses the president with a case of entitlement-crisis denial.

Mona Charen longs for a president to ditch the scalpel and take a meat ax to the budget.