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NRO’s experts debate what to do about Libya.

Andy McCarthy makes the case against intervention in Libya.

Daniel Pipes thinks doing nothing in Libya is the most dangerous course of all.

The Editors catch Obama reopening trials at Gitmo with one hand, while undermining its prosecutors with the other.

Conrad Black excoriates Obama’s policies, fiscal and foreign.

Robert Costa paints the scene at the Wisconsin state senate last night.

Jay Nordlinger improvises on the NPR sting, the Left and Israel, the New York Times, the music scene, and more.

Michael Barone notes that NPR doesn’t need federal funding, and taxpayers don’t want to fund it — we can make a deal.

Victor Davis Hanson locates the source of our political problems: a therapeutic culture that won’t face blunt reality.

Elise Jordan argues  that the proposed “diplomatic surge” in Afghanistan will never work.

Deroy Murdock exposes the “creative accounting” used to hide the costs of Obamacare.

Cliff May reminds us that there are real threats in various sections of the Muslim world.

Leo Linbeck III and Eric O’Keefe advocate devolving health-care policy to the states.

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