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NRO’s experts debate what to do about Libya.

Andy McCarthy makes the case against intervention in Libya.

Daniel Pipes thinks doing nothing in Libya is the most dangerous course of all.

The Editors catch Obama reopening trials at Gitmo with one hand, while undermining its prosecutors with the other.

Conrad Black excoriates Obama’s policies, fiscal and foreign.

Robert Costa paints the scene at the Wisconsin state senate last night.

Jay Nordlinger improvises on the NPR sting, the Left and Israel, the New York Times, the music scene, and more.

Michael Barone notes that NPR doesn’t need federal funding, and taxpayers don’t want to fund it — we can make a deal.

Victor Davis Hanson locates the source of our political problems: a therapeutic culture that won’t face blunt reality.

Elise Jordan argues  that the proposed “diplomatic surge” in Afghanistan will never work.

Deroy Murdock exposes the “creative accounting” used to hide the costs of Obamacare.

Cliff May reminds us that there are real threats in various sections of the Muslim world.

Leo Linbeck III and Eric O’Keefe advocate devolving health-care policy to the states.

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Democrats Are Dumping Moderates

The activist base of the Democratic party is lurching left fast enough that everyone should pay attention. Activists matter because their turnout in low-turnout primaries and caucuses almost propelled leftist Bernie Sanders to victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016. Last month, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez unseated New ... Read More

Questions for Al Franken

1)Al, as you were posting on social media a list of proposed questions for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, did it occur to you that your opinion on the matter is no more relevant than Harvey Weinstein’s? 2) Al, is it appropriate for a disgraced former U.S. senator to use the Twitter cognomen “U.S. ... Read More
Politics & Policy

Strzok by a Farce

An investigation is one of two things: a search for the truth, or a farce. The House is conducting a farce. That fact was on full display during ten hours of testimony by Peter Strzok, the logorrheic lawman who steered the FBI’s Clinton-emails and Trump–Russia probes. The principal question before the ... Read More
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Stalin at the Movies

Toward the end of The Death of Stalin, two Communist Party bosses size up Joseph Stalin’s immediate successor, Georgy Malenkov. “Can we trust him?” one asks. “Can you ever really trust a weak man?” his comrade answers. Good question. Last week brought the news that the head of Shambhala ... Read More