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Kevin D. Williamson demonstrates the complete inadequacy of “taxing the rich” to fixing our fiscal woes.

Jim Lacey frets that Japan’s enormous debt will make its post-tsunami recovery more difficult.

Kathryn Jean Lopez offers Newt Gingrich political redemption, despite his affairs.

Michael Barone warns Obama that voting “present” has more consequences now than it did when he was a state senator.

Michael F. Cannon answers critics of his piece from last week, “Mitch Daniels’s Obamacare Problem.”

Sabrina L. Schaeffer accepts a reality: there’s a tradeoff between earnings and time spent with family.

Ted Cruz speaks to Jim Geraghty about his plans to run for Senate.

Philip Hamburger answers constitutional questions about Obamacare waivers.

Marc Siegel explains the health risks faced by the Japanese people, and the appropriate responses. 


Mark Goldblatt wonders how Patti Smith made the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame so long before Neil Diamond.

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