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Charles Krauthammer tells the GOP to call Obama’s bluff: Reject a long-term deal.

Robert Costa reports the latest news on the debt-ceiling talks from Rep. Eric Cantor.

Jay Nordlinger touches on the problem of pledges, and more.

Kathryn Jean Lopez chats with Ian Murray about government fat cats.

Charlie Cooke reviews James Delingpole’s new book on power-hungry environmentalists.

Laura Ingraham breaks the news to adults who dress like Harry Potter: You’re not cute.

Thomas Hibbs reviews the final installment of the Harry Potter saga.

Jonah Goldberg reminds Republicans not to read their stage directions aloud.

Robert Bryce explains that the New York Times doesn’t understand the shale revolution.

Michelle Malkin details the post-Obamacare truth about the decline in health-care quality.

Mona Charen contends Obama is more irresponsible about the debt than the GOP.


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