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Andrew Stiles wonders what Obama will do now that his favorite policy — stimulus — is unpopular.

Thaddeus McCotter lays out three plans to combat the Great Deflation.

Victor Davis Hanson considers the paradoxes of the Obama administration.

John R. Lott, Jr. defends criminologist James Q. Wilson from a mendacious leftist attack.

Avik Roy analyzes the Eleventh Circuit’s takedown of Obamacare.

Elise Jordan remarks on the similarities between Obama and Angelina Jolie.

Daniel Pipes spotlights the White House’s deceitful policy toward the Middle East.

Dennis Prager extols the Ten Commandments as the only solution to our problems.

Thomas Sowell praises Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter for telling the truth about race.

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White House

Out of Order

A  question in the spirit of Donald Trump’s tweets this morning might be: Who’s trying harder to crash U.S. markets, the president of the United States or the president of China? After Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell didn’t forecast the loosening of monetary policy that Trump craves and China ... Read More
Film & TV

Netflix Debuts Its Obama Manifesto

This week’s widespread media blitz heralding Netflix’s broadcast of its first Obama-endorsed presentation, American Factory, was more than synchronicity. It felt as though U.S. publicists and journalists collectively exhaled their relief at finally regaining the bully pulpit. Reviews of American Factory, a ... Read More
Politics & Policy

Capital versus Tucker Carlson

Advertisers do not advertise on Tucker Carlson’s show to endorse the views of Tucker Carlson. They advertise on his show for the same reason they advertise elsewhere: a captive audience — in Tucker’s case, the second-largest one in cable news — might spare thirty seconds of attention that will, they hope, ... Read More
Natural Law

Are Your Sexual Preferences Transphobic?

Last year, a study exploring “transgender exclusion from the world of dating” was published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. Of nearly 1,000 participants, the overwhelming majority, 87.5 percent, irrespective of their sexual preference, said they would not consider dating a trans person, ... Read More