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Andrew Stiles wonders what Obama will do now that his favorite policy — stimulus — is unpopular.

Thaddeus McCotter lays out three plans to combat the Great Deflation.

Victor Davis Hanson considers the paradoxes of the Obama administration.

John R. Lott, Jr. defends criminologist James Q. Wilson from a mendacious leftist attack.

Avik Roy analyzes the Eleventh Circuit’s takedown of Obamacare.

Elise Jordan remarks on the similarities between Obama and Angelina Jolie.

Daniel Pipes spotlights the White House’s deceitful policy toward the Middle East.

Dennis Prager extols the Ten Commandments as the only solution to our problems.

Thomas Sowell praises Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter for telling the truth about race.

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Politics & Policy

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Dear Reader (And especially Martha McSally’s dog), As I often note, I increasingly tend to see the political scene as a scripted reality show in which the writers don’t flesh out the dialogue so much as move characters into weird, wacky, confrontational, or embarrassing positions. It’s a lot like The ... Read More

Betsy DeVos Strikes a Blow for the Constitution

The Department of Education has issued its long-awaited proposed regulations reforming sexual-assault adjudications on college campus. Not only will these rules restore basic due process and fairness to college tribunals, but they also — given how basic the changes are — highlight just how ridiculous ... Read More

Friends of Elmer

Do you know what scares an American outdoorsman more than a grizzly bear? Twitter. In the late summer and early autumn, the hunting world had its eyes on the courts: The Trump administration had issued new guidance that would permit the hunting of brown bears (popularly known as grizzly bears), including in ... Read More